How To Decorate An RDP House Inside (2024)

Knowing how to decorate an RDP house can be the difference between enjoying a good quality of life, and being choked down by your own household items. It is even possible to buy a dining table for your new RDP house, and not being able to get it through the door, and into the house.

Due to the small size of the houses, it takes a lot of common sense, to properly decorate the houses. It also takes the knowledge of how to incorporate simplicity and style into home décor; the goal is not to make the house crowded, but to make it beautiful with minimal input.

Your RDP house can be beautiful and comfortable; to decorate the inside of your RDP house properly you need to carefully select your furniture, electronics, and everything; in order to save space.

How To Decorate An RDP House Inside

The Living Room Of Your RDP House

The Living is the first point of call. This is where visitors who come to see you will assemble. You therefore want to maximize space in the living room by choosing the appliances very carefully. Start with the fans; rather than using a ceiling fan which is the standard for most homes in Africa, you can use a wall fan or two. That will make the living room a little bigger, and allow for the full height of the room to be used if the need arises.

To maximize the space in the living room you do not need a shelf. You will need a Flat Screen television; probably one that is wall mounted. You will also need to fix a mount for your VCD player or Decoder, or both. What side of the wall you mount said items will depend on you; but please remember that you do not want your electronics to suffer water damage which could happen if they are fixed close to a window or door, and they happen not to be properly closed.

Furthermore, you need to remember that your guests are going to have their eyes fixed on the television; therefore, you don’t want to put it on the wall leading to the entrance of the interior of the house so they do not entertain themselves with the private happenings of your house.

 Chairs And Tables Of Your RDP House

Since most RDP houses are built in a long, rectangle shaped structure, you can save space by designing your furniture to take advantage of the shape of the building. It should be beautiful and yet simple. To do this you should select furniture that is linear by design; rather than small chairs littered all over the place; you can select a single three-sitter chair that is slim and compact. Another one can be tucked by the entrance; beside the main door to the house.

You can have a small center table which you can put under the TV, and which would also be besides the three sitter chair. When not in use it can be at its position under the TV, and then it can be pulled closer when you have guests, or when the family is gathered at the table. When the table is under the TV, the gap between the table and the chair can be a passage way to the interior of the house. This is one of the best ways to decorate the inside of an RDP house.

Don’t forget that your Fridge can either be in the living room (where it will probably save space) or in the kitchen. If you decide to put the fridge in the living room, it would be better near the door leading to the interior of the house; right opposite the main door to the living room. We will come back to this tip in a few minutes.

Decorating Inside Of Your RDP House: Kitchen

The kitchen of your house is a private part of the house, but that is no reason for it to be all messed up. You can cook your meals more conveniently if the place is well arraigned, and free of clutter. Therefore you will need a small sink installed directly under the window of the kitchen. Under that sink can be a cabinet where the gas cylinder will be kept. The cabinet may also be used to store raw food items or any other thing.

An adjoining platform can also hold your gas or electric cooker, and maybe the rack where plates will be put. Right under that platform; pots, frying pans, and other large utensils can be kept; so as to enable you reach them easily. The pots will come out from under the platform, and return there as soon as you have finished with them.

The overhead cabinets can be used to store boxes of breakfast cereal, or cooking ingredients, or seasoning, or any other thing that may be used to make meals. Please try as much as possible to install minimal cabinets; you can better enjoy your kitchen if it is simple, and does not require too much time and energy to go through the cabinets in case you are looking for something.

The fridge can be squeezed into the kitchen, although this will inhibit free movement while you are cooking. But if you are someone who needs to store food for long periods, it may become in handy so that you can avoid food wastage. In any case, it would need to be a small fridge.



While decorating your RDP house inside it is important to make all your furniture and installments as small as possible. Chairs, Tables, Fans, and even your Television Set should be chosen to take up as little space within the house as possible. You may place your fridge in the living room; unless you have real reasons not to; such as irresponsible friends coming in to empty it of drinks.

It just takes a good eye for decoration; and if you cannot do it on your own, you should find help from someone who has an idea of home decoration. Keep in mind that you may not be able to use the regular furniture that you may have used in your former residence; especially if the former house was bigger than the RDP house that you have just moved in to.

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