Course That Are Usually Awarded Study Loans (2023)

The majority of students will be awarded a study loan. In order to be eligible, you need to have completed your school or university qualification with a pass and have been awarded a place at university. You can find out whether you’re eligible by using our chart below:

Courses That Are Usually Awarded Study Loans

1. Business courses

Business courses are usually awarded study loans because they are important for the economy.

2. Science courses

Science courses are usually awarded study loans. Science courses include biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.

If you are planning on studying science subjects then it’s a good idea to check if you qualify for a study loan.

3. Engineering courses

Engineering is a broad field, with many different disciplines. It’s not just the stereotypical image of a person working with their hands in the physical world; there are also engineers who work exclusively on computers. The jobs can be very lucrative, but they’re also very competitive to get into. The best way to prepare yourself for an engineering career is by learning how to deal with failure and uncertainty in a productive way, which means you’ll need some extra practice before applying for jobs.

4. Law courses

Law courses are usually awarded study loans because they are more expensive than other courses, they’re more difficult than other courses, and they’re more prestigious than other courses.

If you want to be awarded a loan, then do your best in school.

  • Study hard. This can include everything from paying attention in class to actually doing the homework assignments. Remember that your GPA is a reflection of how much time and effort you put into your academics, so it’s important to work hard at all times.
  • Take classes that are related to your career goals: If you want to be an engineer, take engineering courses; if you want to be a doctor, take biology courses; and so on. By taking classes related directly towards the field in which you wish to work after graduation, employers will know that they’re hiring someone who is dedicated towards their future career path and won’t find themselves stuck with someone who isn’t interested in their chosen field at all (or worse yet—someone who hates their job).
  • Get good grades: Don’t just get by with barely passing every semester; shoot for A’s! Employers like it when students show them proof that they have been successful thus far during their academic careers because this shows them dedication and commitment towards learning new things as well as working hard enough without needing constant supervision—both very desirable traits when looking for employees!


There are plenty of courses that can get you a study loan. These include Business, Science and Engineering courses. The law also offers students the opportunity to obtain this type of funding.

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