Colleges With No Application Fee In South Africa

Studying at a tertiary institution in South Africa can be expensive. If your finances are limited, you may need to consider free or low-cost universities. This post will provide information on colleges with no application fee and give you tips on how to apply for them.

Colleges With No Application Fee In South Africa

1. The University of Cape Town (UCT)

The University of Cape Town (UCT) is a public research university located in Cape Town, South Africa. UCT was founded in 1829 as South Africa’s first university and it is the oldest university on the continent. It also has the largest student population among all universities in South Africa and its alumni include Nobel laureates and Rhodes scholars.

UCT has a wide range of academic programs which can be studied at both undergraduate or postgraduate level across various faculties: Arts & Social Sciences (Faculty of Humanities), Commerce (Faculty of Economic & Management Sciences), Engineering Science (Faculty of Engineering & Built Environment), Health Sciences (Faculty for Health Sciences)

2. North-West University

North-West University is a state university in South Africa. It was established by an Act of Parliament in 1990 as the first university to be opened after South Africa’s transition to democracy. NNWU offers courses at undergraduate through doctoral levels and has three campuses, located at PUK Campus (Potchefstroom), Mahikeng and Vanderbijlpark.

4. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

NMMU has a wide range of student accommodation, including the following:

  • Residence for Men
  • Residence for Women
  • Dormitory Residences
  • Residential Farm and Wildlife Estate
  • Private Apartments

NMMU offers bachelor’s degrees, masters degrees and doctoral degrees in the fields of engineering, science, commerce, law and arts. The university is located in Port Elizabeth on the eastern coast of South Africa.

5. Stellenbosch University

If you’ve been accepted to Stellenbosch University and are wondering how to get started on your application, there are a few important things you should know. For example, did you know that Stellenbosch University has a no application fee policy? That means that if your school is eligible for the Common Application, or if it’s already in their database, then there won’t be any additional fees charged by them. You can apply to study at Stellenbosch University without paying an application fee!

Stellenbosch University also accepts applications through their own system called “Apply Now” which will allow students to complete most aspects of the application online. You can access this website by clicking here: Apply Now (or clicking on the green button below).

6. University of the Western Cape

If you’re looking for a South African college with no application fee, then the University of the Western Cape is a great choice. Here’s what you need to know:

There is no application fee, but you have to apply through NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme). You can do this by submitting your NSFAS identity document or other supporting documents that are required for registration on campus. If you don’t have an ID number or cannot provide the required documentation on time, there may be a few extra steps involved in order to enroll in classes at UWC.

You must apply before the closing date. This year’s deadline was March 1st and next year’s will be February 28th, 2020. So make sure you get all of your paperwork submitted before then!

You must be South African citizen and have a valid South African ID; this will ensure that only eligible students can benefit from this great offer!

7. Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT)

Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) is a public university in South Africa that offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees.

It is one of the top universities in South Africa and has a good reputation for research.

The university also has a good reputation for teaching, with its graduates finding employment easily.

If you want to study at a tertiary institution in South Africa, but you don’t have money for the application fee, this post has some options for you.

Other ways to apply for college:

  • If you’re not sure whether college is right for you yet and would like to try it out before committing, many community colleges offer free trial periods where students can take courses without paying tuition or fees. You’ll still need to cover living expenses while attending these schools though so make sure that your parents can help out with that!
  • For those who are over the age of 25 and have previous work experience or a degree from an overseas university, there may be local employers willing to sponsor their studies through various training programmes. Check with local companies using our business directory tool above!


Hopefully this post has helped you find a good university that doesn’t charge for applications. If you’re still unsure about where to apply, take some time and try out some of the resources listed above as well as browse through our other guides. Good luck!

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