How Do I Check My SASSA R350 Balance Online & Post Office? (2023)

SASSA ensured they put in place different methods of checking R350 balance which can be used by their millions of client around the country. This was meant to ensure ease and versatility. You can simply settle for whatever it is you are comfortable with, and that’s the aim. You can always keep tab on your balance as you engage the different methods available.

You can easily check Sassa R350 balance online and post office at your own convenience, as these things are a lot easier right now than they used to be.

How Do I Check My SASSA R350 Balance Online & Post Office?

SASSA is one agency that has incorporated technology into its operations and affairs, just to make things easier, more effective, and also much more efficient too. Aside that knowing your r350 balance at the post office and Sassa offices all around the country, it is convenient to check them from the comfort of one’s home using one’s mobile phone. Today, it is easy to check Sassa’s balance online, utilizing any of the several methods made available.

If you are using your phone to check the balance online, then you will need a good smartphone with the internet. However, if you don’t have an Internet-enabled smartphone, you can still use the phone for Sassa balance checking using SMS or USSD code (you can even decide to call their call center and they will help you out). These are still some of the easiest methods to check one’s balance, as they can be done anywhere and anytime.

To use the USSD route from any kind of phone (either it has internet or not), simply dial *120*69277# and proceed from there. Start by selecting the language you are more familiar with, and then follow the voice commands as instructed. If you adhere to their simple instructions, you will be able to get your r350 balance with ease.

If you have a smartphone with internet, then you should use it to check your Sassa R350 balance online with ease, through the SASSA SRD grant website. Open the website on your phone using a good web browser and follow the instructions.

You can always go through their WhatsApp number: 082 046 8553. If you are familiar with how WhatsApp works, this should not be an issue to you. First, you have to save the WhatsApp number on your phone, and refresh your contacts on WhatsApp. Once that is done, open a chat with the WhatsApp number, and send them a message. Submit all required details, and you should be fine.

Now, shifting our attention away from the online methods, you can also make use of the physical methods the Agency have in place. Don’t forget that there are different institutions registered with Sassa, and their users can always go to them. This is one of the reasons people go to the post office for R350 grant issues.

If you are checking your balance online, you don’t have to bother about paying anything, as they are free channels to use. But folks using a bank ATM may have to pay certain necessary fees. However, those that are going to get their cash at any of the Sassa pay centers may not have access to their balances there right there when collecting the cash (although you can visit registered centers and demand a balance check free of charge).

If you want to, you can use the ATM to check your balance, as there are several ones in different places in the country (although they are not entirely free). If you have your Sassa card with you, simply start by inserting it into the ATM of the bank you want to make use of, and start the transaction. First, the machine will demand your pin (which is normal when dealing with these machines). Make sure you input only your correct pin to be able to conduct a successful transaction. If your pin is correct, you will see the option to check your balance. In fact, this can be easily done when you settle for your receipt preferences (since the balance will be seen there).

Finally, it is not a difficult thing to get your Sassa R350 balance, since there are different methods that the Agency has put in place to make this possible. Nevertheless, for those struggling to get their balance, they can make attempts to change the payment method which they have opted for when applying for the grant in the first place.

The Agency has intended that beneficiaries won’t struggle to get their balance (and do anything else that has to do with the R350 grant with great ease). Indeed, you can always easily know the amount that you have in your Sassa account anytime you desire. And if you have to call them for assistance, you can do so using this phone number: 0800 6010 11. When you called, one of the staff at their office will attend to you. Since they are trained workers, they will do all they can do to assist you appropriately.

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Those asking how do I check my Sassa R350 balance online & post office can utilize any of the available methods prepared by the Agency. They can use their phones to check online, or even go through SMS and USSD routes. They can visit the Sassa branch if they like, or make use of a bank ATM (they are many of these centers scattered all around in different places in South Africa).

As you should have seen and discovered already, these things are simple and can be done by anyone. The only thing is to be sure that you know how to check your balance and do things correctly. Even if you don’t have a phone nor know how to use the internet, you can still utilize other easy means.

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