10 Cheapest Stationery Suppliers In Johannesburg (2023)

Every office, medical facility, school, and factory needs stationeries.  The cheapest stationery suppliers in Johannesburg are therefore important establishments because they help businesses and schools access stationeries cheaply, without which they would not be able to function efficiently. Rather than spend outrageous amounts of money on paper clips, writing pads, and so on, you can get them for reduced prices if you know your way around.

10 Cheapest Stationery Suppliers In Johannesburg

1. Bubbly Boo Creations

Bubbly Boo is a well-known stationery supplier. They have all kinds of stationery, and they deliver directly to your doorstep. However; on the occasion that they are unable to deliver right to your doorstep, the supplier will send your delivery to the Postnet nearest to you.

The company also produces custom stationery as well as branded products for your events, business, or professional work.

Bubbly Boo Creation is located at 117, 11th Avenue, Highlands North. Johannesburg. Gauteng. 2192

2. Silveray Stationery Co (Pty) Ltd

Silveray Stationery Company (SSC) is a registered company. This company specializes in the production and distribution of stationary items. The company also stocks and stationery from the leading brands in the country. Silveray Stationery Company (SSC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bidvest Group, which explains why they have the financial backing to reduce prices and increase distribution.

Silveray Stationery Company is located at Pencil Pk, Croxley Cl, Heriotdale. Johannesburg. Gauteng. 2094

3. Falcon Stationery Products CC

Falcon stationery Products were initially into bookbinding and production of the old accounting books, but they have expanded their business into stocking off all kinds of stationery items, as well as the production of custom paperwork to suit specific events and businesses.

Furthermore, the company has also expanded its original bookbinding business increasing the volume to the point where they can supply cheap stationary to Johannesburg-based businesses. The company will deliver the products to almost any location in Johannesburg.

Falcon Stationery Products CC is located at 2 Grahamstown St, Marshalltown. Johannesburg. Gauteng. 2001

4. Colour Print

Colour Print is a company located in Johannesburg that deals with the printing of all kinds of custom stationery including books for students, writing pads for workers, accounting books, and other office stationary. The company also produces custom paper works for events such as conferences, retraining seminars, weddings, and so on.

The company is able to service clients not just in Johannesburg, but also in the whole of Gauteng, South Africa, and also the lands beyond the border.

The company is located at 31-35 Davies Road Malvern-East, Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Website: colourprint.co.za

5. Lumoss Mouldings Pty Ltd.

Lumoss Mouldings Pty Ltd. is a South African company that specializes in producing stationery for promotional purposes. The company is not all about quantity, but the quality of the production; and it does not only do printing, but moulding and creation of all kinds of attractive items to raise awareness about your brand, or to serve as souvenirs for your upcoming wedding or corporate event.

Lumoss Mouldings Pty Ltd is located at 30 Andries Street South. Johannesburg. Gauteng. 2000

6. Golden Era

Golden Era Group is one of the largest printing and packaging companies in South Africa. Located in Johannesburg they offer low price solutions for your custom printing needs. If you need to have souvenirs printed for your wedding ceremony, or if you need to print custom stationary for a seminar or retraining program, then this is

Golden Era is located at 3 Power St, Germiston South (Industries E A), Germiston, 1401, South Africa.

7. Loveday Stationers

Loveday Stationers are producers and suppliers of stationary to the Johannesburg market for many years. They supply all kinds of stationery; including books, writing pads, accounting books, and so on. This company has built a solid relationship with many corporate organizations in the Johannesburg area and also the surrounding suburbs since 1982. The company has been run by the same owner and family since its inception.

Loveday Stationers is located at 118 Cornelis Street, Fairland. Johannesburg. Gauteng. 2194

8. Lippys – Johannesburg

Lippys is a Johannesburg-based company with a wide range of services. The company has a Stationery chain that states that it will beat any prices you can find within Johannesburg in South Africa. You can also get office furniture, as well as other consumables at the company. This is a fast-growing company that is designed more like a retail chain than a stationery supplier per se.

Lippys is located at 14 Galaxy Ave, Frankenwald, Sandton, 2090, South Africa.

Company Website: lippys.co.za

9. Bantex – Johannesburg

Bantex describes itself as a paper and paper products merchant. That means they stock and distribute any kind of paper-related products you may need: general stationery such as exercise books, record books, or specialized stationery like in and outpatient records, accounting books, and so on. They have supplied schools, hospitals, factories, and other such establishments for many years.

They can give you very good prices for the stationary you need, and the company can deliver to your location in Johannesburg.

Bantex is located at 6 Watt St, Industria, Johannesburg, 2042, South Africa.

Website: bantex.co.za

10. Jax Classics CC – Johannesburg

Jax Classics cc – Johannesburg produces custom stationery on demand for weddings, corporate events, seminars and retraining programs, and so on. They also produce wax products, scrapbooks, and other products that can be souvenirs, or that can help make your events successful. The company also displays colored candles which you can order in large quantities.

Jax Classics is located at 18 Southway St, Kelvin, Sandton, 2103, South Africa.

Website: jaxwax.co.za

11. Rexel CC

Rexel is a notable supplier of cheap office supplies in the Johannesburg area. The company deals with office stationery such as punching cards, appointment cards, purchase records, accounting books, and other important office supplies. The company can handle big and small orders and deliver direct to the buyer location.

The company is located at: 7 Dorado Ave, Crown, Johannesburg, 2025, South Africa.



The cheapest stationery suppliers in Johannesburg have one thing in common; they are better able to bring down the price if the order is large. It is important to know exactly what kind of stationery the company produces; it would be a waste of effort to seek general stationery at a company that only does custom orders for events.

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