Top 10 Cheapest Resorts In Gauteng (2022)

The cheapest resorts in Gauteng usually charge less than R500 for a stay. That is a great deal because they afford the opportunity for individuals, couples, and families to spend some time in peace and comfort, away from the hustle and bustle of life, without spending too much money. While many people may think that vacations are for rich people; these resorts in Gauteng prove that such an idea is false.

There are several beautiful hotels and resorts in Gauteng where couples and families can relax and unwind, and therefore get their minds back in the right state so as to remain productive. Of course, this post is not created with the intention of promoting cheap and sub-standard resorts; a good time does not necessarily have to be expensive.

Top 10 Cheapest Resorts In Gauteng

1. Stone Tin Lodge, Mpumalanga

Cost: From R350 Per Person For 10 Guests

Stone Tin Lodge is a nice getaway place in Mpumalanga. The lodge is not built like a hotel but a private resort for small groups. This is like a small home away from home. Stone Tin Lodge has a central heating system to keep away the cold during the cold or rainy days and come nights. The lodge also has an open lounge, as well as a dining and kitchen area. You will find a tastefully decorated interior with pale wood finishings, navy fabrics, and native skin rugs.

Stone Tin Lodge is situated on a farm and is just 30 kilometres off Dullstroom. The small building is close to a dam, where you can go trout fishing. The lodge has its own power system, solar panels provide the power, but there is also a back up generator. Here you can spend a few days off the grid and just relax for a few days, or if you like you can still spend the time surfing through the internet on your phones or tablets.

You may contact the resort via: [email protected],

2. Cheerio Trout Fishing & Holiday Resort, Magoebaskloof

Cost: From R600 Per Unit For 2 People

Cheerio Trout Fishing and Holiday Resort is made up of eight cottages that are well spaced from one another in and that are designed to help people relax and recuperate in a beautiful and serene environment. This is one of the less expensive resorts in the Gauteng area; prices start from R600. The cottages are built with brick, and each has a small lawn and garden where you could serenade your wife with songs and gift her flowers.

Other activities include fishing and various children’s games. You can also do some sunbathing, and enjoy romantic strolls around the resort. This resort can also be used as a venue for weddings, anniversaries, and birthday parties.

You can contact Cheerio Trout Fishing and Holiday Resort via

3. Bird’s Haven Guesthouse, Parys

Cost: From R425 Per Person

Bird’s Haven Guesthouse is one of the preferred locations for holidaymakers coming into Gauteng. The resort is just about 130 kilometres away from Johannesburg, so it is understandable that many of the resort’s patrons come from that city. This old style two-bedroom, the two-bathroom cottage is big enough for six people.

You get all the goodies you want; the bar and shelves are well-stocked, and the house cleaners are on hand to keep the apartments clean and tidy. The lodges also have private gardens, and everything is solar-powered. You can walk around with your family or spouse to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

You can contact the resort via 0823845260

4. Kingfisher Lodge, Waterberg

Cost: From R260 Per Person Per Night

Kingfisher Lodge in Waterberg is a spacious Old school home in the Waterberg. With prices starting at R260, this is one of the most affordable lodges in Gauteng. This is an ideal place to spend time with your loved ones; it consists of a three-bedroom farmhouse with a cozy fireplace in the lounge. The lodge can take about 10 guests and has a big swimming pool housed separately.

You can enjoy romantic walks in this 300-hectare reserve, and you can observe waterbuck, giraffe, and other animals as they run around in their natural environment.

You can contact Kingfisher Lodge via: Tel 0825708474, or

5. Mahem Guest House and Bokmakierie Cottage

Cost: R400 Per Person A Night

Mahem Guest House and Bokmakierie Cottage sit is a little different because it is surrounded by wetland. Here you can enjoy a great time with your family in a four-bedroom lounge with a centre fireplace, and a big kitchen. You can enjoy meals at a leisurely pace while relaxing with your family. Prices are pocket-friendly, and you can enjoy discounts with longer stays.


6. Magoebaskloof Birders’ Trogon Cottage

Cost: 450 Per Person

Magoebaskloof Birders’ Trogon Cottage is resort center set on a birders paradise. The lush greenery of the resort attracts a wide and varied array of birds, some of which are permanent residents of the resort. In order for you to appreciate the wildlife of the resort, the cottage has big windows so you can see them flutter by. Even the bedroom and bathroom have similarly sized windows. You can do your own cooking and everything else, and live the natural way for a short while before returning to the hustle and bustle of life.

You can con contact the resort via

 7. Lindani, Waterberg

Cost: R370 or R585 Per Person

Lindani Resort in Waterberg is a nice cozy resort that helps you get closer to nature. You can either stay in a tent, or in the main lodge; you can therefore spend either R370 or R585 per day to stay at this resort. Whichever lodge you choose, you can still enjoy a pool, or take your family on walks, or on cycling hikes around the resort; which can help you see the wild animals including wildebeest, zebra, and giraffes.

You can contact the resort via 0836315579, or

 8. Riverstill Guest House, Groot Marico

Cost: From R350 per night, a minimum of two nights

The River still Guest House is a peaceful and beautiful getaway place in Groot Marico. It is not far from the river, which is also one of the attractions of the place. This is a favorite place for people to come and enjoy some private meditation and walks among trees. At the cost of R350 per night this is one of the cheapest resorts in Gauteng, but still gives you peace of mind.

Contact the resort via:

9. Riverman Cabin, Mpumalanga

Cost: R375 Per Person

Riverman Cabin is made up of seven self-catering cottages. You can enjoy comfortable furniture, a cozy fireplace, and the freedom to do whatever you like without anyone seeing or hearing. You can come as a couple or as a family, and while you can cook, you can also order meals quite cheaply. You can play games and have fun indoors, or you can go out for walks with your loved ones.

Contact the resort via: Tel 0832779143, or

10. Zwakala River Retreat, Magoebaskloof

Cost: R350 Per Person For Four, R234 Per Person For Six

Zwakala River Retreat is a nice resort run by a couple. Aside from the comfortable living quarters, you can also enjoy walks around the resort, or you can go fishing on the Broederstroom River. You can enjoy the resident farm animals if you are an animal lover, or you can visit the nearby farmers market which features live music, great food and snacks, and so on.

Contact the resort via



Gauteng is already a beautiful place, so you are probably not going to be sold on beauty alone. However, the cheapest resorts in Gauteng offer more than beauty; they offer the opportunity to relax; tune in with nature, and recover from the stress of life. They are evidence that a good and relaxed life should not be the sole province of the rich and wealthy.

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