Charlotte House Stilbaai South Africa

Charlotte House is a non-profit organization that strives to provide sustainable housing and education opportunities for vulnerable young women and girls in Stilbaai, South Africa. For the past 15 years, Charlotte House has been working to improve the lives of these women and girls through creative solutions such as tailored training and employability skills, job placement, eco-friendly construction, and more. In this blog post, we will explore how Charlotte House uses technology to improve the lives of its residents. We will explore their website, which provides access to information about housing, education, and more; as well as their social media platforms, which allow them to connect with their community and share their stories.

History of Charlotte House

The history of Charlotte House Stilbaai South Africa can be traced back to the early 1800s. At this time, the area was home to a smallpox hospital run by the Dutch East India Company. The hospital was later abandoned and fell into disrepair.

In 1875, a Scottish settler named John Campbell bought the land and began building a farm on it. He renamed the property Charlotte House after his wife, Charlotte.Charlotte House soon became a focal point for the local community, not only because it provided refuge from the harsh weather conditions, but also because it offered opportunities for socializing and entertainment.

During World War II, Charlotte House served as an internment camp for Japanese people living in South Africa. After the war ended, Charlotte House once again became a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Today, the property is open to tourists 365 days a year and continues to serve as a place where people can find refuge from the cold weather conditions

The Rooms at Charlotte House

The Rooms at Charlotte House in Stilbaai are a quaint getaway for all visitors. The rooms are furnished with antiques and period pieces, giving each an individual feel. Guests can relax in the comfortable chairs or on the beds while taking in the scenic view of the surrounding countryside. There is also a kitchenette where guests can cook their own meals if they so choose.

The Garden Cafe is a great place to stop for lunch or dinner. It features local food and wine, as well as beautiful surroundings. Guests can sit outside on the patio or inside where warm lamps give a cozy atmosphere. There is also an outdoor pool that’s perfect for cooling off during summer months.

The Gardens at Charlotte House

Located in the heart of Stilbaai National Park, Charlotte House is a beautiful Victorian-era estate that offers guests breathtaking views of the mountains and coastline. The gardens are full of flowering trees and shrubs, elegant statuary, and fountains. The estate also features a heated pool, spa, tennis courts, and a conservation area with wildlife.

Since its opening to the public in 2004, Charlotte House has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area. Adventureseekers come for the hiking trails and birdwatching opportunities, while families enjoy exploring the gardens and playing on the playground. There’s also plenty to do indoors: watch a movie in one of the mansion’s three theaters, take a cooking class at one of the estate’s four kitchens, or read a book by one of several fireplaces dotting the rooms.

Whether you’re planning a day trip from Cape Town or staying onsite for an extended visit, Charlotte House is an unforgettable experience.

Activities and Amenities at Charlotte House

Activities and Amenities at Charlotte House

At Charlotte House, guests can enjoy a variety of activities and amenities. There are plenty of things for guests to do in the surrounding area, including exploring the stunning beaches and reefs, fishing, kayaking, swimming, and sunbathing. Guests can also take advantage of the on-site pool, tennis courts, and spa. The property has a 24-hour front desk and concierge service available to help with anything from booking tickets to arranging day trips.

Pricing and Reservations for Charlotte House Stilbaai

The Charlotte House restaurant in Stilbaai is known for its fresh, seafood dishes. The restaurant has a casual atmosphere and offers a variety of menus, including light snacks and full meals. The prices for food at the Charlotte House restaurant vary depending on the dish, but most items cost around R100-R200. The restaurant accepts reservations, and guests can also order online.

What is Charlotte House Stilbaai?

Charlotte House Stilbaai is a stunning and serenechalant luxury safari lodge located in the Stilbaai National Park, in the far south of South Africa. It offers guests the unique opportunity to experience wildlife at its most natural and unfettered. The lodge encompasses 45 hectares of game-rich bushveld, with over 300 animals onsite, including lions, elephants, buffalo, kudu (a type of antelope), and leopards. Guests can also take guided walks or drives through the park to view some of these majestic creatures up close.

What are the benefits of staying at Charlotte House Stilbaai?

If you are looking for an adrenaline-pumping safari experience, then Charlotte House Stilbaai is just what you need. Situated in the heart of Kruger National Park, this lodge offers guests a chance to explore some of the best areas of Africa without having to worry about crowds or expenses.

There are several benefits to staying at Charlotte House Stilbaai. First and foremost, it’s one of the only lodges located right in the heart of Kruger National Park – meaning that you can easily get out and explore all that this incredible region has to offer. Second, the staff here is incredibly knowledgeable about the area and is more than happy to share their knowledge with guests. Finally, Charlotte House Stilbaai provides excellent value for your money – making it one of the best options on the market when it comes to safaris in South Africa.

What to expect when staying at Charlotte House Stilbaai

When staying at Charlotte House Stilbaai, guests can expect a tranquil and relaxing environment. The property is situated on 2 acres of land and offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean. There are six bedrooms and six bathrooms available, all with en-suite facilities and private balconies. Guests can enjoy a range of activities in the surrounding area, including fishing, swimming, walking, birdwatching, golfing and horseback riding. The staff is friendly and welcoming, ensuring that every guest feels at home. Breakfast is served each morning in the garden or on the terrace overlooking the ocean.

Things to avoid when staying at Charlotte House Stilbaai

If you’re planning on spending your vacation at Charlotte House Stilbaai, here are a few things to avoid:

1. Don’t drink and drive – alcohol is prohibited on the property, so make sure you don’t get behind the wheel after drinking.
2. Stay away from the apes – these animals can be dangerous, so keep your distance if you happen to see them in the area.
3. Don’t leave valuables unprotected – theft is a common problem in Africa, so keep your belongings safe and don’t leave them unattended in your room.
4. Be aware of wild animals – even though Stilbaai is a safari destination, there are still wild animals roaming around and they may pose a danger to you if you’re not careful.
5. Take caution when crossing paths with elephants – these big creatures can be unpredictable and they might decide that you’re a desirable target for dinner!

Charlotte House Stilbaai is an amazing destination in South Africa that offers guests a fantastic combination of luxury and relaxation. The staff are friendly and accommodating, and the facilities have all been designed with your comfort in mind. Whether you’re looking to enjoy some quiet time or take advantage of all the activities on offer, Charlotte House is sure to please. Thanks for reading!

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