How Do I Change The Phone Number On My Sassa R350? (2024)

To ensure proper coordination of Sassa operations as touching the famous R350 Grant, it is obvious that there must be certain crucial things in proper place, to ensure a smooth flow of their activities. One of the major requirements their system demands from each applicant is their phone numbers. Without a functional phone number, you can’t register on the system. However, it is interesting to note that there is the possibility of still changing your phone number and updating into another.

To change the phone number on your Sassa R350, you must reach out and call Sassa toll-free phone number directly via 0800 60 10 11. An official will attend to you and assist you to get the process done from their end.

How Do I Change The Phone Number On My Sassa R350?

Sassa has created a very broad and robust system as far as the R350 Grant is concerned. This is reasonable because they are serving millions of South Africans who are really in need of the Grant. And the requirements and procedures to be inculcated to the system is already a popularly known affair to many South Africans. One of the crucial things everyone is expected to have before they can successfully register is a functional phone number.

It is possible to get things running without, let’s say a bank account. If you don’t have a bank account, for instance, you can still benefit from the Grant, since you can get your payment using other mediums. Hence, you can still comfortably register. However, on the other hand, the same can’t be said as far as a mobile phone number is concerned. Even those who don’t have a bank account must have a functional mobile phone number before they can get in.

It is necessary to stress the importance of your phone number as far as the R350 grant is concerned. And, as this discourse is all about, you can also change your phone number for R350 if you have to do so. How can you change the phone number on your Sassa R350?

To get this done, you simply have to call Sassa directly on their toll-free number. This is the number to call: 0800 60 10 11. Since it is a toll-free number, it means you won’t be charged to use it.

When you place a call across to the agency by using the number already highlighted, you will be attended to by one of their officials, and they will help you get the job done. Hence, you should know by now that changing R350 cell phone number is not hard at all. The only thing you need is to create time to call their toll-free phone number, and explain what you want them to do for you. Indeed, they will be glad to help you out.

Is there another way to change your phone number? Actually, currently, there is none. The agency is yet to put in place an option on their website for this. It means, you can’t change your phone number directly on the Sassa official website yet. Of course, if you want to maybe change your bank account details or something else, you can easily do that on the srd website all by yourself. However, to change your phone number, the only option made available by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) as things stand now, is to call them, while they help you out.

Must I Change My Cell Phone Number For R350?

Is there anything wrong with changing your phone number on the system? As far as it is for a good reason (and there are different good reasons too), you can go ahead. For instance, someone may change their sim card for any good reason, which means they won’t be using their former phone number again, but a new one. In such a case, it is expedient to update one’s details in srd and change one’s former phone number to reflect the new one you are now using.

So, generally, you don’t have to really change your phone number here if there is no good reason for it. But in a case where you lost your current phone number and have to obtain a brand new one, then you should change your phone number for R350 and add the new one there. The reason this is important is that, if you don’t inform the agency that you are no longer using the phone number, there is no way they would have known. Hence, they will keep sending notifications to your previous phone number, thinking it would get to you. In such a case, the individual is in the dark, as they won’t be able to get their messages from SASSA as touching their R350 grant. Imagine if a beneficiary is not able to get their R350 payment date notification.

One of the importance of having a functional phone number is that it is easily utilized to check one’s R350 status. If you want to do certain things on the srd website (like to change your bank account details), they will send the link to your cell phone number. And if you don’t have access to it, you won’t be able to get this done. Therefore, it is necessary to see to it that the current phone number you are using is what is attached to your R350 grant. In fact, this is the only medium through which the agency can communicate with an individual as touching their R350 grant.



The answer to the question How Do I Change The Phone Number On My Sassa R350, is that you should call Sassa toll-free phone number, which is 0800 60 10 11, and talk to them directly without paying (since it is a toll-free number). And if it happens that they were not able to respond to your call at that particular point in time, then you should reach out to them using other channels.

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