How Do I Change My Banking Details On My Sassa R350? (2024)

One of the most popular things in South Africa right now is the special Covid-19 R350 Social Relief of Distress Grant, and it’s for obvious reasons too. Already, millions of people in the country have applied for the Grant, while numerous citizens have received payment also. As far as the structure is concerned, beneficiaries have the liberty to get the payments using their bank account. Also, they can at any point change their bank details and replace it with another.

If you have been wondering how to change your banking details on your SASSA R350, you should be able to do this via the Sassa official website – The process is quite simple and straight to the point, and you won’t encounter issues as you can get it done yourself right now with your mobile phone.

How Do I Change My Banking Details On My Sassa R350?

Good news, you can always easily change your banking details without stress. Here is how to get it done:

Step One: If you have a good smartphone with a good internet connection, simply launch this URL on a web browser – This is the official SASSA website where the job will be done.

Step Two: When the webpage is done loading, try to navigate to a spot that says: ‘How do I change my banking details. It is from here that you will proceed with the next step.

Step Three: The next thing to do at this point is to add your unique ID number on the space given. It is necessary to stress the necessity of ensuring your ID number is very correct and nothing is missing. This is because, if there is a mixed up when you are inserting your ID number, you won’t be able to proceed to the next stage.

Step Four: As far as your ID number is correct, once you have submitted it, the system will automatically initiate the process of sending a secure link to the phone number you used for registration for the Grant, via SMS. This is why it is necessary to carry out the whole process with your own mobile phone number.

Step Five: Once you have the secure link sent already, you should now click on it on your phone as you have opened the SMS. It will lead you to the point where you can comfortably choose your new payment option

Step Six: Since you are still going for the bank account details option, you simply have to click on that, and it permits you to add the banking details of your choice.



Kindly note that Sassa demands that beneficiaries should only use their own personal bank account. Therefore, for some folks whose Grant has been approved, but are yet to get their payment, the issue may be attached to their banking details. If the agency is not sure of what you submitted, you should go and check it out again and change it as soon as you can.

Sassa took a very important step at the onset of all of these things (which many South Africans should appreciate) by putting in place different options to receive one’s payments. Asides from the prominent bank account option, beneficiaries can also decide to receive their payments at Pick N Pay, Boxer stores, Shoprite, Checkers, Ok Foods super markets, and so on.

However, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is aware that the best option to register is by settling for the bank account option. In fact, this is what they have been encouraging, and it is for good reasons. They own their own part can easily transfer the money to the bank account you provided when registering, and you can easily get it without going through the waiting periods of other options. Unlike how you must personally visit other payment collection centers if you want to pick up your Grant, here, you can always withdraw your money from any atm nearby.

Hence, when you are registering for the Grant and you are going for the bank account option, the system requires that you provide your banking details (one that is correct). However, it is also interesting to note that the system also considers the fact that approved beneficiaries of the SASSA SRD R350 grant might want to change their banking details at any point in time due to any reason.

In the same vein, it is necessary to let you know that the agency won’t pay the grant to a mobile phone number that is registered to another individual. Remember that the system has already stored the details of the applicants, and it is a robust system that is bent on eradicating fraud too. So, it is very important that you have this also in mind as you are engaging the system, so you can get your payment without stress or issues.

Finally, what happens when one doesn’t have or provide their banking details? It is very simple. They will have to use other mediums to get this done. They can settle for the likes of Checkers, Shoprite, Pick N Pay, Ok Foods Supermarkets, etc. They will only have to approach any of these selected payment collection centers to pick up the Grant when the time is set. Formerly, the immediate go-to alternative is at the post office. However, it is no longer possible to get your Grant from the post office. Hence, you can explore other means and methods if you don’t want to settle for the bank account option.



So, those asking how do I change my banking details on my Sassa R350 should know that they can easily get it done using the Sassa official website with their mobile phone, right at the comfort of their homes. It is indeed such a simple and straightforward system, and it can be done by almost anybody you can read and follow simple instructions.

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