Can I Study Teaching With an Amended Senior Certificate? (2024)

I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now: the Senior Certificate isn’t what it used to be. After being amended in 2017, this qualification has been changed from an academic qualification into more of an enhanced skillset.

If you are wondering if you can study teaching with an amended senior certificate, the answer is a YES! You can use an amended senior certificate to study teaching in South Africa.

Can I Study Teaching With Amended Senior Certificate?

Yes, you can study teaching with an amended senior certificate. In South Africa, you need to have at least a pass in your Senior Certificate to be able to apply for entry into a tertiary institution and qualify for registration as a teacher. Some universities in South Africa accepts students with amended certifications who have scored 65% or higher for their VET subjects (with at least 50% in English language).

One of the most important things that one needs to consider when applying for this course is whether full time study programs will suit their lifestyle and interests. Full time study courses are only offered during weekdays so anyone who works full-time will find it difficult to juggle work and school commitments.

Apart from the academic and financial requirements, there are no other requirements from the university itself that must be met before applying for this course such as an eye test or proof of identity etc. It is advised that you ensure that you meet all of the University’s admission requirements before filling out any application forms!

Entry Requirements for Teaching in South Africa

The entry requirements for teaching depend on the type of school you want to work in. All schools, however, require a relevant teaching qualification and a degree. If you didn’t study in South Africa for your tertiary education, you will have to have an NQF level 8 qualification or higher.

You must also be able to document that you’ve had experience working with children at some point during your studies or after graduation.



If you have any questions about studying teaching with an amended senior certificate, we hope we have been able to address them in this piece above. You can contact the appropriate authorities to discuss your options with you and help you make the right decision for your future.

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