Business Studies Courses In South Africa

The Association of Accounting Technicians South Africa (AAT SA ) offers a diverse range of courses to suit your needs and interests. The courses are designed to provide you with the skills needed for a successful career in accounting.

Their accounting series is designed to prepare you for the AAT certification exams which can be taken as part of our Advanced Certificate program or individually.

AAT SA has also partnered with other educational providers in South Africa who offer various management and administrative courses at different levels.

Business Studies Courses In South Africa

The Accounting Series is a series of short courses that provide a foundation in accounting. The series is designed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills to understand the fundamental principles of accounting, and how these principles are applied in a local context.

Accounting Series offers three levels (Foundation Level, Intermediate Level and Advanced Level) that cover all aspects of business management. Each level consists of two modules: Financial Statement Analysis and Management Accounting for Decision Making.

Association of Accounting Technicians South Africa (AAT SA )

Association of Accounting Technicians South Africa (AAT SA) is a professional body for accountants. It was established in 1973 and is a member of the International Federation of Accountants, African Federation of Accountants and International Association of Bookkeepers. Its members have specialist knowledge in areas such as taxation, auditing and business consulting.

How To Register and Get AAT SA Qualification?

To register to sit the AAT SA examination, you must be over the age of 18 and have one of the following: a matric qualification, a National Senior Certificate (NSC), or an equivalent qualification acceptable to AAT SA. You can also use your General Education Development (GED) certificate as proof of having completed high school.

You’ll need to provide AAT SA with valid ID in order to register for an exam date. The types of IDs that are considered “valid” include:

  • Identification documents that contain both photograph and signature (e.g., driver’s licenses)
  • Identification documents that do not contain photographs but do contain signatures (e.g., birth certificates, utility bills)
  • Identification documents with just signatures – no photograph (e.g., passports).

Advanced Certificate: Bookkeeping(SAQA ID: 61591)

The Advanced Certificate: Bookkeeping is a three-year qualification, which takes learners from the basics of bookkeeping through to advanced levels. The aim of this qualification is to provide learners with the skills needed for their future career in bookkeeping.

The course content includes the following modules:

  • Introduction to Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Posting Transactions to the General Ledger
  • Reporting Functions

This qualification will equip you with skills that will enable you to work as an accountant or bookkeeper in various sectors such as banking, retail and manufacturing companies.

National Certificate in Financial Accounting and Auditing(SAQA ID: 61590)

The AAT’s National Certificate in Financial Accounting and Auditing is a nationally recognised qualification that will help you build your career.

The course provides a comprehensive understanding of accounting practices, procedures and systems. It develops your knowledge of how financial information is used to inform management decisions by providing opportunities for practical application while using the latest technology.

AAT SA offers courses to help you gain a qualification or career.

National Certificate in Accounting(SAQA ID: 61589)

If you are looking to enter the world of accounting, a National Certificate in Accounting is offered by a number of registered training providers. The course covers all aspects of accounting as well as basic bookkeeping, payroll and taxation.

The NQF level 5 qualification aims to give students knowledge, skills and competence required to perform entry-level jobs in the field.

Requirements: To register for this course you need to be at least 18 years old and have passed grade 12 with a minimum average mark of 60%. Students who have already completed their BCom degree can apply for exemptions on some modules if they meet certain criteria set out by SAQA.

Advanced Certificate Cost & Management Accounting(SAQA ID: 61588)

Cost accounting is the process of analysing the costs of a product or service in order to determine the cost of producing the product or service. Cost accounting is used to make sure that the cost of producing a product or service is not higher than the price the company is charging for it.

Cost accounting also helps companies calculate whether they are making profit from their business activities, which enables them to know if they need to make changes in order for them to be profitable.

Advanced Certificate Accounts Administration & Payroll(SAQA ID: 61587)

The Advanced Certificate Accounts Administration & Payroll (SAQA ID: 61587) qualification is aimed at accounting professionals who have completed their NQF level 7 qualification in accounting and wish to develop their skills and knowledge in specific areas of accounting. This will enable them to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for professional practice as an accountant.

The course is broken down into three modules:

  • The first module offers candidates the opportunity to become familiar with the principles, practices, procedures and terminology related to account administration;
  • The second module focuses on payroll management including payroll tax compliance activities, employee remuneration structures as well as basic payroll processing functions;
  • The third module will provide you with practical experience using Sage 50 Accounts software package for accounts administration purposes.

Introduction to Financial Information Systems(SAQA ID: 61586)

This SAQA ID is 61586.

Advance your knowledge by pursuing a qualification from the Association of Accounting Technicians South Africa

The Association of Accounting Technicians South Africa is a professional accounting body of high standard and integrity, which aims to promote the interests of accountants in South Africa.

The qualification requirements are as follows:

  • A minimum age of 18 years
  • At least five years’ experience in the field or at least three years’ experience with a degree in finance or related field.


Now you know what business studies courses to take, who to enrol with and why it’s important to pursue your qualification. If you want to work in accounting or auditing, this is a great first step towards achieving your dream job!

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