Business Administration Courses South Africa

As a student you will need to be equipped to pursue your career aspirations with confidence. Here are courses you can take if you want to study business administration in South Africa.


Following are courses in business administration;

Business Administration National Diploma – BANKING

The National Diploma in Business Administration is a full-time, two year academic qualification which aims to prepare students for careers in the banking industry. The course is offered in Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape and Western Cape.

Business Administration National Diploma – HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT

If you are interested in pursuing a career in human resources and have already completed your matric, this course is ideal for you. The National Diploma in Business Administration – Human Resource Management will allow you to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage people within organisations.

The course is taught on a part-time basis over two years, with regular classes on Saturdays or Sundays from 9:00am till 4:00pm. You will also be required to complete assignments outside of class time.

The modules covered by this qualification include:

  • Introduction to HR management;
  • Labour law;
  • Compensation and benefits;
  • Motivation theory;
  • Managing employee performance;

The aim of this qualification is not only to teach students how they can apply their knowledge at work but also how they can use it later in their careers as well as after completion of this qualification at university level (Masters).

Business Administration Higher Certificate – BUSINESS MANAGEMENT

The Higher Certificate in Business Management aims to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to work in a business environment. The course will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to apply the principles of business management. It will enable you to apply the principles of business management to the analysis and solution of business problems systematically by identifying facts, analysing data, using technology and applying ethical principles.

Business Administration National Diploma – ENTREPRENEURSHIP

The Business Administration National Diploma (BAD) – ENTREPRENEURSHIP course is designed for students who are interested in starting their own business or who want to improve their entrepreneurial skills. The course will help students understand the principles of entrepreneurship and the role of an entrepreneur in a business.

Students will learn about various aspects of starting a new business, including: identifying opportunities; developing a business plan; raising capital; marketing and sales techniques; human resource management practices; financial management issues (including budgeting); legal issues involved in running your own company; and corporate governance principles.

Business Administration National Diploma – PAYROLL ADMINISTRATION (INCLUDING VIP)

Payroll is the process of managing the salary of employees and determining the amount of tax that is to be paid. Payroll administration consists of three modules: payroll administration, payroll management, and payroll accounting.

This course will give you knowledge on how to run a payroll system within an organization. You will also be able to identify various types of employee remuneration as well as how they are calculated. The course is designed to prepare students to take up the role of a payroll administrator who must be skilled in performing all aspects related to processing salaries for employees in terms of their employment contracts or job descriptions (i.e., wages).

Business Administration National Diploma – MARKETING

A Marketing Degree is a comprehensive course that explores the marketing process and its application to business. It considers how companies can develop strategies and implement these effectively through advertising and promotion, pricing, sales force management, distribution channels, market research and customer service. A Marketing Degree typically covers areas such as:

  • Marketing Research & Analysis;
  • Market Segmentation & Targeting;
  • Sales Management & Selling;


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