Bursaries That Are Still Open For Application 2022

The start of the new year is a great time to look ahead and see which bursaries are still open for application. There’s nothing better than having the chance to do what you love, while still getting the funding to do it.

If you’re looking for some assistance with your studies, then these bursaries might be able to help!

Bursaries That Are Still Open For Application 2022

1. IDC

IDC is a bursary that is open to all learners in South Africa. It’s awarded to students who have achieved excellent results in their matric exams, and it’s awarded to students who have completed their matric exams.

2. Eskom

Eskom is a public utility company that provides electricity to South Africa. It’s a great place to work, with over 40 000 employees and offers bursaries for students studying towards a qualification in the field of engineering or science.

3. Transnet

Transnet is a leading logistics, freight and transport company in South Africa. It operates in the rail, ports, airports, inland waterways and road freight sectors. The company has over 100 000 employees across the country.

Transnet is a state-owned enterprise (SOE). This means it is owned by the government but operates as an independent entity that does not have to pay dividends back to its shareholders. In other words, it pays taxes like any other business would do but does not make money for any individual shareholder or group of shareholders

4. Resolution Circle Bursary 2022

Resolution Circle Bursary is for students who want to further their studies in criminology. If you are interested in the criminal justice system, especially how it affects people and communities, then this bursary might be for you. The Resolution Circle Bursaries are awarded on merit, so you do not have to be a member of Resolution or have any previous academic qualifications.

You will need to apply in writing and include a statement outlining why you think your skills would make an important contribution to the field of criminology if funded by Resolution Circle Bursary 2022 Scholarships. The closing date for applications is 5th November 2021.

Who is eligible?

The primary applicant must be resident in South Africa when applying and during study; must comply with all residence requirements as per Section 11(1)(a) of the Constitution; must have completed an undergraduate degree at an accredited university within the last 12 months (2 years); candidates who have already graduated from university may apply provided they can provide proof of having been accepted at another institution where they will start studying within 6 months after graduation which means that your application should reach them before November 2022.

5. Standard Bank

  • Standard Bank is a South African bank that offers learners and students bursaries.
  • Students can apply for Standard Bank’s bursaries from Grade 9 to university level, including postgraduate degrees.
  • The bank also offers Masters of Business Administration (MBA) scholarships for its learners and students through the “Operation Rainbow” initiative.

6. Amplats

The Amplats Bursary is a large bursary available to South African citizens who are studying at any level. It’s open to all fields of study and it can be used towards any tertiary institution in South Africa.

You do not need to apply for the Amplats Bursary through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) as it is funded by Amplats itself.

7. Imperial Logistics Bursary 2022

This bursary is for applicants from disadvantaged families who are studying towards a degree in logistics. To qualify, you must be a South African citizen or permanent resident, and have completed matric at an accredited secondary school with a minimum of 50% in Mathematics, English and Physical Science.

The amount ranges from R5 000 to R10 000 per year (depending on your academic performance), which can add up to up to R50 000 over four years of study. To apply send an email to [email protected] with your full name and ID number as well as attaching your CV.

Applications will close on the 1st of November 2022 and successful candidates will be notified by end of December 2022

8. BP Bursary 2022

The BP bursary is a great opportunity for South African citizens to secure funding for their studies – regardless of the field, grade or class. It’s also open to all races and genders.

The application process for the BP Bursary is relatively simple, with applicants only needing to submit an online application form and provide proof of identity and residence at the post office.

9. SAA Bursary 2022

The SAA Bursary is a scholarship that provides financial assistance to students who are studying towards a degree in Accounting or Finance. Students eligible for this bursary include those who have already completed their first year of study at one of the following universities:

University of Cape Town;

Stellenbosch University; University of Pretoria;

Free State University;

North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus);

Tshwane University of Technology (Technikon SA) or any other university offering relevant degrees as specified by the SAA.

The amount awarded is dependent on individual circumstances, but it can be up to R15 000 per annum for three years if your annual tuition fee cost is less than R50 000 per year or up to R25 000 per annum if your annual tuition fee cost exceeds R50 000 per year.

10. South African learners can apply for these bursaries for next year.

You can apply for bursary in the following places;

  • Bursaries at your school
  • Bursaries at your college
  • Bursaries at your university
  • Bursaries at your polytechnic
  • Bursaries at your university of technology


We have explored some of the bursaries that are still open for application in South Africa. It is important to keep track of these opportunities as they can provide funding for your studies, which may otherwise be unaffordable for your family.

We hope that this article helps you find the right bursary for yourself or someone else who needs financial assistance due to lack of funds

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