Top 10 Best Estates In Johannesburg (2023)

Looking to rent in one of the estates in Johannesburg? You may wish to secure some landed properties in any of the estates in Johannesburg and you may be keen on getting the best of the best estates in Johannesburg.

We have taken the time to list out the features of each of the estates we will be ranking in this content, we will be looking at the distinguishing factors that made it to be included on this list.

So the best estates in Johannesburg include but are not limited to the following estates:

Top 10 Best Estates In Johannesburg

1. Nottinghill Estate (Ferndale)

The interiors of these ones- or two-bedroom apartments are tastefully and stylishly finished. Despite being small, they feel spacious and comfortable because of their open-plan design. There is easy access to Bryanston, Randburg, Fourways, and Sandton from these apartments.


  • Visitors and residents have separate, gated entrances.
  • Swimming pool
  • Fiber
  • A power that is pre-paid
  • Parking for both tenants and visitors is available
  • The tennis court
  • Clubhouse
  • An area that is frequently used as a public gathering place

2. Cedar Lakes Residential Estate (Fourways)

With its natural beauty and tranquility, this scenic lifestyle estate is a great place to relax and unwind. Many different kinds of birds can be found in the estate’s parklands, dams, and lakes.


  • Courts for the game of tennis
  • netball, cricket, and soccer courts
  • Swimming pool
  • Clubhouse \Restaurant \Pub

3. Dainfern Golf and Residential Estate (Dainfern)

Even if you’re not a fan of golf, you’ll appreciate the estate’s natural beauty, which includes trails and parks. The estate consists of 14 distinct villages, each with its own distinct appeal.

4. Fourways Gardens Residential Estate (Fourways)

Learn about the country while staying in the heart of the city of gold. There’s a good reason for this: the residents love how open the common areas are, and how close they feel to one another. Several schools, restaurants, and shops are also within a short distance of the property.

5. Monaghan Farm (Lanseria)

Residents can experience farm life at Monaghan Farm, which celebrates wide-open spaces and native vegetation. Monaghan Farm: As an added bonus, there are two private schools located on the estate.

6. Beaulieu Country Estate

In the heart of the horse country, most of the properties here have about a hectare of beautiful land. For those who enjoy horseback riding and have their own horses, this estate has just over 300 homes.

7. Fourways Estate (Randburg)

This neighborhood is located on Inchanga Road and features a variety of residences. Individuals, couples, and families all have choices. All of the amenities that can be found in Fourways and Randburg are within easy driving distance.


  • Swimming pool
  • Access control and surveillance are available 24 hours a day, seven days per week.
  • Parking in a covered area
  • Communal lawns and gardens

8. Waterford Estate (Fourways)

Family-friendly Waterford Estate is ideal for those who want their children to be able to enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle. An abundance of wildlife, well-kept gardens and a gurgling river add to the area’s natural beauty. It’s possible to rent a house, a condo, or an apartment on the estate.

9. Amsterdam Estate (Olivedale)

Modern residences are nestled amongst trees and grassy meadows. Couples, newlyweds, and young professionals, as well as small families, will enjoy these apartments. The open-plan style maximizes the available space and creates a welcoming atmosphere in each home.

10. Honeydew Ridge Residential Estates (Roodepoort)

Several townhouse complexes make up these estates, all of which are well-kept, have comfortable dwellings of various sizes, and provide a safe setting in which to live, work, and play Honeydew Ridge’s convenient location makes it close to a number of shopping malls, schools, and other amenities.


  • Controlled access to the guardhouse
  • a large green space
  • Fiber
  • Visitors and residents alike can park in the designated spots.

Benefits of Renting in Johannesburg’s Estates

Tenants benefit from a variety of estate features, including the following:

The most common reason for renting an estate is because of the sense of security it provides. Security measures like cameras, guards, and alarm systems add to the sense of safety that tenants enjoy.

Estates often feel more like homes because they are safe and well-maintained. The idea is to provide a safe haven where you can unwind and enjoy your surroundings without having to worry about anything.

There is a certain lifestyle that estates often provide; tranquility that is often accompanied by convenience and luxury. People who want a little extra opulence in their lives will be able to get it, but so will families who want to raise their children in an ideal environment.

A swimming pool, a clubhouse, sports facilities, or even a golf course may be available to residents of an estate, although this isn’t always the case.



So, here in Johannesburg, you may secure an apartment in any of the estates, but it is always advisable to sort out information on the best estates in Johannesburg you can place your money.

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