Awaiting Valid Registration Data From Institution

You are in the process of claiming graduates from your institution. In order to claim these graduates, you must first complete the Student Registration process.

Awaiting Valid Registration Data From Institution

What is the status of Student Registration Data?

  • Awaiting valid registration data from institution
  • Institution’s data not found (this could be because you have an incorrect institution code, or the institution does not exist)
  • Institution’s data is not valid (this could be because you are trying to register in a course that has already closed or you don’t meet prerequisites for courses)

What do I need to do to update Registration Data?

  • To update your Registration Data, please follow these steps:
  • Login to the Student Portal using your ID and password.
  • Select “Student Service” > “Registration Data Update” from the menu bar on top of any page in our web site (https://studentservices.univ-lyon2fr/).
  • Fill out all fields of the form with accurate information and submit it to us by clicking on “Submit”. This will send us a confirmation email that we have received your request with attached attachment/s (PDF file(s)) attached to it containing scanned copies of required documents needed for updating registration data such as diploma(s), transcripts etc..

I have updated our institution’s data with IPEDS, what do I need to do now?

This is a critical step in the process of updating your institution’s Student Registration data with IPEDS. The Student Registration process is a two-part process that ensures that all student data is accurate and complete before it is submitted to IPEDS.

Part 1 consists of ensuring that your institution has the correct address, telephone number, email address, FTE calculation method and other information needed to accurately report on your students’ academic programs. If you have not already done so, please complete Part 1 by clicking here

Once Part 1 is completed, you will need to update your institution’s Student Registration Data (SRD) for each term “Awaiting Valid Registration Data From Institution” appears on your Final Dashboard at!page=1&term=0 .

What is the difference between “Registration” and “Graduation” data?

Registration data is used to track students who are currently enrolled in your institution. Graduation data is used to track students who have graduated from your institution. Registration data is required to be reported to IPEDS, but graduation data is optional.

  • If you’re thinking about reporting your graduation rate now or in the future, consider using the Self-Reported Student Outcome Data System (SSDOS) to collect and report student outcome information for all levels of study at your institution.

In order for an institution to claim its graduates, the institution must first complete the Student Registration process. This process allows institutions to submit their students’ names and graduation dates so that they can be verified by our staff.

Once your institution is approved as a student record holder, you will be able to track the coursework completion and subsequent graduation of your students through their Student Management System.


Once all the required data is entered and saved, a verification email will be sent to your institution’s address. You can then click on the link provided in this email to verify or update your institution’s information with IPEDS.

If there are any errors or issues that need to be fixed before we can complete this process, please refer back to our previous articles on how these errors may affect your institution’s ability to claim its graduates

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