Anthropologist Salary In South Africa

If you’re looking for a career that can take you around the world, consider a career in anthropology. While this field has seen a decline in popularity in recent years, it still offers many opportunities for people who are bold and creative. In this blog post, we’ll explore what Anthropologist salary in South Africa is like and provide some tips on how to get started if you want to pursue this career.

What anthropologists do

Anthropologists are trained to study human cultures and societies. They use a variety of methods, including participant observation, interviews, and surveys, to collect data about the lives and customs of people in different parts of the world. Anthropologists can also work as educators or researchers in fields such as archaeology or cultural anthropology. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), anthropologists who work in academic settings generally receive higher pay than those who work in other sectors. In 2016, the median annual wage for anthropologists working full time was $53,620.

Average anthropologist salary in South Africa

According to the latest report by the Ranking of South African Universities, anthropologists across the country earn an average salary of R11,815 per month. However, this is just a fraction of what some professors are paid. In fact, the highest-paid anthropologists in South Africa can make up to R269,000 per year.

However, despite this high earning potential, many anthropologists choose to work in smaller universities where they can have more impact on their students and research projects. And while those living in major cities may enjoy a more glamorous lifestyle, many rural residents benefit from the opportunity to live among traditional communities and learn about their cultures first hand.

Either way, anthropologists in South Africa are able to gain a wide range of experience and skills that make them highly sought after by employers both domestically and abroad.

Job growth for anthropologists

In South Africa, the average annual salary for anthropologists is R23,000. In comparison, the national median annual wage is R15,500. The most common occupations for anthropologists in South Africa are research associate and lecturer. Research associate positions generally require a bachelor’s degree in anthropology or a related field and may offer some benefits such as paid vacation and sick leave. Lecturer positions typically do not require a degree but do offer benefits such as paid vacation and sick leave.

What Anthropologist Salary in South Africa?

Anthropologist Salary In South Africa

The median annual salary for anthropologists in South Africa is approximately R1,500,000. However, salaries can vary greatly based on experience and qualifications. Fully qualified anthropologists with five or more years’ experience can expect to earn upwards of R3 million per year.

Requirements to be an Anthropologist

Requirements to be an Anthropologist
Anthropology is a doctoral-level field of study that investigates the origins and cultures of humankind. To become an anthropologist, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. Many anthropologists have a master’s degree as well. Your dissertation may require additional qualifications, such as a PHD in anthropology or another relevant field. In order to be admitted to graduate school in anthropology, you will also need excellent writing skills, research abilities, and networking skills.

What are the jobs and salaries of Anthropologists?

Anthropology is a study of humans and their cultures. As such, anthropologists typically hold positions in universities or research institutions, where they conduct research and provide consultation on social issues. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual wage for anthropologists was $54,760 in May 2017. The highest-paid anthropologists earned more than $91,560 per year.

Salaries of Anthropologists in Different Locations

South Africa is a country with a rich cultural heritage. This has attracted anthropologists to South Africa, who now make up the largest group of foreign researchers in the country. The salaries of anthropologists in South Africa vary depending on location and experience. For example, those working in research-intensive universities or larger institutions receive higher salaries than those working in smaller colleges or museums. Anthropologists engaged in fieldwork also earn significantly more than those whose work confines them to the office. Those with PhDs typically receive the highest salaries, though some positions may offer lower wages for new graduates.

The annual salary for an anthropologist with a doctorate can range from around R600,000 to R1 million. Salaries for associate professors range from around R350,000 to R400,000, while lecturers earn between R200,000 and R300,000 annually. The average annual salary for an anthropologist working in a college or museum is around R150,000.

Anthropologist salaries in South Africa can vary significantly depending on the specific field of anthropology, location, and education level. According to Payscale, the average anthropologist salary in South Africa is R268k per year as of October 2017. However, this figure only includes positions within tertiary institutions and does not take into consideration freelance work or research positions. As a result, it is important to consult with an anthropologist salary specialist in order to get a more accurate estimate of your potential earnings.

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