Airbus Defence And Space South Africa

Airbus Defence and Space South Africa (ADASSA) is a subsidiary of Airbus Group SE, a multinational aircraft manufacturer and defence and space technology company. ADASSA is headquartered in Johannesburg with sales, marketing, engineering and support functions in Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. ADASSA manufactures advanced military aircraft systems for the world’s leading armed forces, providing capabilities that include surveillance intelligence, reconnaissance and navigation; targeting; weapons delivery; airborne electronic warfare; battle management; mission assurance; human resources management. ADASSA employs over 1,900 people across its three locations in South Africa and has a global customer base of some 40 countries.


Since its inception in 1969, Airbus Defence and Space has become a world-leading manufacturer of civil and military aircraft. Located almost entirely within South Africa, the company employs over 10,000 people who work on projects for airlines all around the world. In addition to aircraft production, Airbus Defence and Space also provides engineering support for defence programmes worldwide.

The company’s history is closely intertwined with the development of civilian aviation in South Africa. In 1976, then state-owned De Havilland was the first Western airline to establish a base in South Africa. Following De Havilland’s departure, SAS took up operations from Johannesburg International Airport as the country’s first scheduled airline. By 1990, there were twelve domestic airlines operating out of the country’s airports. The sector continued to grow throughout the early 1990s as new carriers entered the market.

Airbus Defence and Space played an important role in this growth by providingjetliners and other aircraft components to these airlines. Today, Airbus Defence and Space supplies more than 80% of all jets used by South African Airlines (SAA). In addition to supplying planes to SAA and other airlines, Airbus Defence and Space also participates in several defence programmes around the world.

One such programme is SANDF’s requirement for surveillance aircraft. To meet this need, Airbus Defence and Space developed the A400M Atlas jetliner which entered service with SANDF in 2012. The A400M Atlas is equipped with advanced sensors which allow it

Products and Services

Airbus Defence and Space South Africa (ADAS SA) is a subsidiary of Airbus Group SE and provides air defence, space surveillance and communications products and services. ADAS SA has its head office in Pretoria, South Africa.

ADAS SA’s product portfolio includes:

Airbus Defence and Space South Africa offers both Governmental and Commercial Customers tailored solutions for their specific needs. ADASSA also offers support to the air defence community through training programmes, development of doctrine and simulation exercises.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Airbus Defence and Space South Africa (ADASSA) is a subsidiary of Airbus Group, headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was established in 2002 as the result of a merger between Bristol Aerospace and Aerospatiale SA. ADASSA provides support to the defence industry through the development, manufacture and supply of advanced defence systems.

As part of its social responsibility programme, ADASSA has developed a number of initiatives to improve community relations and support local economic development. The organisation also sponsors youth projects and educational institutions. In 2009, ADASSA donated R100 million to assist the reconstruction effort following the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti.


Airbus Defence and Space South Africa (ADASA) is the most recent addition to Airbus Group’s defence and space businesses. ADASA has been established to provide a comprehensive range of services in support of the government’s defence needs. The organisation currently has five divisions: Air Traffic Management (ATM), Missile Systems, Satellite Solutions, Advanced Programs and Services.

The ATM division operates South Africa’s civil airspace and provides navigation, control and surveillance services to both civil aviation and military aircraft. The missile systems division is responsible for the development, acquisition and operation of air defence systems. These include shipborne launchers, land-based interceptors as well as ground-based radars. ADASA also manufactures components for these systems. The satellite solutions division provides support to national security interests through the procurement and management of satellite assets, including communications satellites and Earth observation satellites. Finally, the advanced programs and services division offers consultancy services in a number of areas such as Mission Planning & Analysis (MP&A), Supply Chain Management (SCM) as well as Human Resources Development & Acquisition (HRDA).

According to ADASA CEO Pieter de Klerk, “We are excited about our new role within Airbus Group Defence & Space and look forward to contributing to the government’s defence needs in a sustainable manner”. ADASA plans on expanding its operations by increasing its workforce by 25% over the next three years in order to meet


Airbus Defence and Space South Africa (ADSSA) is one of the world’s leading aerospace companies, with a history dating back to 1944. ADSSA employs over 2,000 people in its Johannesburg headquarters, as well as in other locations across the country.

The company offers a broad range of products and services, including defence systems, space systems, satellites and aircraft. The defence arm of ADSSA develops and manufactures air-, land- and sea-based weapons, as well as providing support to the South African National Defence Force. ADSSA also owns and operates the world’s second largest satellite ground station.

ADSSA’s space division is responsible for developing and delivering advanced telecommunications solutions to customers worldwide. The company has played an important role in establishing South Africa as a global leader in satellite technology development. ADSSA is currently engaged in the design and construction of two geostationary satellites: Africa Satellite 1A (AS1A) for Eutelsat Communications SAS; and AS3B for Telkom SA Ltd..

Market Outlook

– South Africa is a significant market for Airbus Defence and Space.
– The company has a number of projects in the country, including the A400M military transport, the A330 MRTT freighter and the forthcoming A350 XWB jet airliner.
– In 2016, Airbus Defence and Space generated sales of €2.3 billion in South Africa. This represents a growth of 5% over the previous year.
– The company plans to increase its market share in South Africa by expanding its product range and increasing exports.

Airbus Defence And Space South Africa

Airbus Defence And Space South Africa (ADASSA) is a subsidiary of Airbus Group in South Africa. ADASSA delivers solutions for air defence, space and homeland security. The company has three divisions: Airspace, Intelligence, and Security Solutions. ADASSA offers services to governments and private-sector customers in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

The company’s headquarters are in Johannesburg, with offices in Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban. ADASSA employs more than 1,000 people. The company’s products include radar systems, aircraft controlsystems, satellites and ground surveillance systems. ADASSA operates two sites that can accommodate up to 120 aircraft: the Kapstadt International Airport Integrated Services Facility (ISF) and the NATO Advanced Combat Training Centre (NATO ACC), both in southern Gauteng.

ADASSA was established in 1984 as an engineering division of Fokker Aeronautical Corporation Ltd., which was then part of Dutch Aerospace Company (DELTA). DELTA merged with Deutscher Aerospace AG (DaimlerChrysler Aerospace AG from 1996 until 2008) to form Airbus Group in 2007.

ADASSA began supplying air defence solutions to government customers in 1987. In 1990, it began providing airspace management solutions for commercial aviation. ADASSA expanded its product line to include airborne radars in 1995 and control systems for fixed-wing aircraft in 1996. The company acquired I

The company

Airbus Defence and Space South Africa (ADASSA) is a subsidiary of Airbus Group which specialises in providing defence, security and space related services. The company has operations in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria. ADASSA’s products and services include airspace assessment, air traffic control, satellite communication and surveillance, airfield management, intelligence gathering and analysis, counterfeit detection and homeland security.

Products and Services

Airbus Defence and Space South Africa is a major player in the defence and aerospace industries, with state-of-the-art equipment and capabilities. The company’s products include airborne early warning and control systems (AWACS); reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition systems; air traffic management; electronic warfare systems; missiles and armaments; as well as training devices for pilots and aircrew. Airbus Defence and Space South Africa also provides consultancy services to its customers in the defence, aerospace, security and logistics sectors.


Airbus Defence and Space South Africa (ADSSA) is the defence arm of Airbus Group, which employs over 4 000 people in South Africa. ADSSA operates a number of facilities in the country, including the world’s largest aerospace manufacturing plant outside of Europe. The company provides design, development, engineering and support services to the South African Defence Force (SADF) and other government agencies. In addition to its operating branch, ADSSA also has a research division that supports military development programmes. The company’s products include aircraft, missile systems and satellites.

The history of Airbus Defence And Space South Africa

Airbus Defence And Space South Africa was formed in 2006 as a joint venture between Airbus Group and Safran SA. The company provides defence and aerospace products, services and technologies to the South African government and private sector.

Airbus Defence And Space South Africa manufactures aircraft components, including engines, airframe parts, avionics systems and sub-systems. The company also offers consulting services to the defence industry, support for national research programmes, training and education programmes, and export sales representation.

The company’s facilities are located in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. Airbus Defence And Space South Africa employs more than 1,300 people.

The future of Airbus Defence And Space South Africa

South Africa is a key player in the Airbus Defence and Space global family, with a rich aerospace heritage.

Airbus Defence and Space has operated in South Africa since 1980, when it began supplying aircraft components to the country’s fledgling defence industry. The company has expanded its operations to include manned and unmanned systems design and development, air traffic control, meteorology and space research. It also provides support for government defence procurement programmes.

Today, Airbus Defence and Space is one of the country’s leading defence contractors, employing more than 1,000 people across eight sites in South Africa. The company operates a highly integrated business model that employs local suppliers and partners from other industries to drive innovation and competitiveness in the South African market.

The future of Airbus Defence And Space South Africa lies in continued growth in the defence sector coupled with investment in cutting-edge technology solutions. The company is well placed to take advantage of opportunities arising from rapid advancements in both civilian and military technologies.

Airbus Defence and Space South Africa (ADASSA) is a subsidiary of Airbus Group that specialises in the design, manufacture, marketing and support of satellites and Earth observation systems. ADASSA operates from its headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa. It has a workforce of approximately 1,700 employees. ADASSA’s products are used by government agencies all over the world to provide vital intelligence for defence purposes.

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