9 Affordable Wedding Locations In Johannesburg (2024)

Wedding days are some of the most special days of our lives. However, weddings are not usually cheap; weddings have been known to deplete people’s resources quite significantly; even setting them back permanently. The affordable wedding locations in Johannesburg should therefore be a source of joy to most readers because they can now enjoy the blessings that come with their special day, without necessarily going broke.

While American movies usually show beautiful outdoor gardens for weddings; most Africans prefer indoor venues with strobe lights akin to nightclubs. Perhaps when re-reassess our priorities we discover that our weddings can be joyous without being too expensive. As long as the venue is peaceful, serene, and conducive; and as long as we have our loved ones with us, it should be a day to remember for the rest of our lives.

Affordable Wedding Locations In Johannesburg

1. Steynshoop Valley Lodge

Steynshoop Valley Lodge is a self-serviced resort center that can be booked for weddings. The lodge is made up of small rooms that can take up to a hundred guests when booked. It is located on an elevated spot in the Magaliesberg valley. For your wedding reception, you should have a beautiful garden with is wide and extensive, with carpet grass and shrubs of flowers all around. This is a great place not just for a wedding but for your honeymoon; you can go for walks in the wilderness, climb the mountain, or do anything else.

Steynshoop Valley Lodge is located in the Magaliesberg valley, in Johannesburg.

2. Cultivate Venue

Cultivate Venue is a resort that caters to all kinds of events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and so on. The environment is intimate and romantic; and the garden is wide and spacious. There are back-drops that are laden with flowers and greenery; a true blessing for wedding pictures. Even though the place is an outdoor wedding venue, there are trees for shade, and polished wooden furniture. This place offers much simplicity; it is one of the most affordable wedding venues in Johannesburg and environs.

Cultivate Venue is located in Krugersdorp, South Africa.

3. The Forest Walk Venue

The Forest Walk Venue is not really located inside a forest; despite the name; it is a great place for weddings and other such events; a secluded spot where people can relax and be happy, and celebrate love in peace. This is a resort that comprises of small separate lodges, in a large compound filled with trees. This venue can be booked ahead, and can be a great place for family and friends to relax and enjoy with you. Even the reception venue is screened by trees.

The Forest Walk Venue is located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

4. Cradle Valley

Cradle Valley is another fun place that can be a great Country Venue for a wedding ceremony. This is an outdoor wedding venue with a very large garden that can be transformed with lights, flowers, and balloons into the wedding venue from any girls’ dreams. The garden is also surrounded by tall grasses and flowers; they create a spectacular background for photo shoots.

Cradle Valley is located in Muldersdrift, near Johannesburg, South Africa.

5. Rustic Rock

Rustic Rock is a beautiful place that can give you a peaceful, yet eventful wedding ceremony. This venue can take up to 100 guests, making it a convenient spot for a couple looking to have a small wedding at an affordable venue in Johannesburg. To reiterate; this place is affordable not because it lacks beauty, but because it is small. While there are no obstructions, and guests can get a good view of proceedings, you will be astounded by the simplicity and the beauty of the decorations.

6. Hartford House, Mooi River, Kwazulu-Natal

Hartford House is great if you are looking to have a guest list no more than 150 people. It is one of the famous garden wedding venues in Johannesburg; people love it because it is secluded, and yet romantic. The greenery also serves as a background; wedding photos have always been known to come out beautifully at this location.

7. Riverside Country Estate

Riverside Country Estate is another beautiful Country Venue which could be a great place for a wedding ceremony. This resort has a great garden with a gallery of terraces which could be overlaid by flowers to give a truly wedding- like appeal. This is a great place for wedding photos, and for family and friends to form a guard of honour; if that is the kind of thing you like. Plus the garden is spacious enough to give everyone a great view of proceedings.

Riverside Country Estate is located in Springs, 1560, South Africa

8. Towersboch  

Towersboch is one of the cheaper wedding venues in Johannesburg. The thatched roof creates a kind of back-to-our- roots atmosphere; whether or not that is the theme of your wedding. This is a romantic venue; not just for you but for your guests; it looks as though attendees at your wedding may end up falling in love as well. Even though the place is already beautiful, a few touches can make it even more awesome.

Towersboch is located in Johannesburg, South Africa

9. Oxbow Country Estate, Bronkhorstspruit, Gauteng

Oxbow Country Estate is another one of the low price wedding venues in Johannesburg, South Africa. This is a great place where all your family and friends can watch you tie the knot. This is a scenic place not only for weddings but even for proposals and honeymoons. The garden is set against the backdrop of a flowing river; the Osspruit River making it all the more romantic.

The garden is shaded and wide enough for a large congregation, and they will all enjoy the view without obstructions.



Depending on the kind of wedding you want to have, and also on the number of people you have invited; there are many affordable wedding venues from which you can choose. It is important, however, to book well ahead of the date you have chosen because these wedding venues are usually booked sometimes months in advance. In fact, the availability of a venue should be one of the things to consider before deciding on a date.

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