Top 10 Affordable Game Lodges In Gauteng (2023)

Do you love animals, and want to spend some time relaxing? Then you may be interested in seeing this collection of affordable Game Lodges in Gauteng. Game Lodges are like resorts, but here rather than just relaxing all day; you get to see wild animals in their natural environments.

Game Lodges are usually located out in the wild, and even though they usually have all the modern conveniences that modern people are used to, they are just usually in the same enclosure with some of the most popular wildlife that South Africa has. Therefore, the animals are an important selling point; they are the reason why most people choose Game Lodges over normal resorts or other kinds of relaxation centres.

For a long time, many people have ignored holidays and vacations because they believed that they are the sole province of the rich and wealthy. Well, that is not true! There are many game lodges that are quite cheap, and one could possibly spend a few days without paying a lot of money.

Top 10 Affordable Game Lodges In Gauteng

1. African Hills Safari Lodge And Spa

African Hills Safari Lodge And Spa is built like a medieval European village; small houses built in a linear formation. This small houses are the lodges; and will be occupied by your fellow holiday makers. Please note that the lodges are self serviced, so do not expect to ring a bell and have attendants rushing over to clean your room or make you a meal. However, the staff are on hand in case of an emergency, or if you experience any trouble at all.

African Hill Safari Lodge And Spa is located within the Plumari Private Reserve in the Magaliesberg, so you can get plenty of opportunity to see wild animals going about, doing what wild animals do.

The Lodge is within easy access of Johannesburg, and Pretoria.

2. Airport Game Lodge

Prices from: $59

Airport Game Lodge is a nice place, out in the bushes where a person can live in peace and comfort. The owners describe the lodge as a secluded spot that ‘combines the solitude of the African bush with the luxury and convenience of modern-day living.’ It is located close to the bush-land 6.2 miles north of the Johannesburg International Airport.

As a Game Lodge you can take safaris and drive into the bush-land to see the animals. The safaris are very interesting because they are done in groups, and because they the tour guide always makes commentaries about the animals and their behavior.

The Lodge is close to the Johannesburg International Airport.

3. Tshikwalo Game Lodge

Prices from: $99

Tshikwalo Lodge is a resort center that is just 3.3km from the centre of Dinokeng Game Reserve. It is a place where there are one can bring his spouse or family to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is possible to come to this lodge through air or through land because it is about 53km away from the Waterkloof AFB Airport.

Tshikwalo Game Lodge is located inside the Dinokeng Game Reserve, where you get to see free-roaming animals including the famous Big 5. You can enjoy all the amenities that come with modern living; and every evening you can go on a safari with your family, all at the starting price of R99 Per Night.

4. Kwatala Game Lodge

Prices from: $109 per night

Kwalata Game Lodge is a self catering lodge in the wilderness where you can take your family to spend some time to recover from all the stress of life. The small chalets can take 2 to 3 people per one, and if you want to host an event, you can house up to 70 people. This is an ideal spot for a wedding or anniversary. Aside from the accommodations, you can also enjoy a restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool, a bar, and a garden.

The Kwalata Game Lodge is located at the Dinokeng Big 5 Game Reserve in Gauteng; and you can find all the big five free roaming. The nearest airport is the Waterkloof AFB Airport, which is just 53km away. By road the Kwatala Game Lodge is only 4 km from the N1 National Route, just in the northern corner of Gauteng.

5. Markon River Lodge

Prices from: $30

Markon River Lodge is a self-catering lodge that from an aerial view looks like a small village; a cluster of huts in the middle of the bush. Those small huts in the Markon River Lodge are the chalets where you and your fellow holiday makers will come to spend some time. However, the accommodations come with all the modern features that make life pleasant today.

At Markon River Lodge you also get to see several wild animals, and if fishing is your thing, you can go fishing in the nearby river. Safaris are organized by the owners of the lodge, so you can enjoy the wild with your fellow tourists, or enjoy solitary walks down the river side.

 6. Mangwa Valley Game Lodge

Prices From: $90

Mangwa Valley Game Lodge is a self catering lodge in Gauteng; just a few kilometers from the city of Johannesburg. The lodge is a nice place to spend some quality time with ones’ family, spouse, or even to get some solitude alone. Mangwa Valley Game Lodge is 33.1km from the centre of Johannesburg; you can go on safaris organized by the owners, and sometimes in conjunction with other lodges.

At Mangwa Valley Game Lodge you can enjoy safaris into the Dinokeng Big 5 Game Reserve, and see the big wild animals on display at the park. The nearest airport is the Waterkloof AFB Airport, and it is 55.7km away.

7. Ma Tala Tala

Prices From: $22

Ma Tala Tala is private wildlife reserve in Gauteng, very close to Johannesburg. This is a great place to spend some time with the family and enjoy nature; so as to recover from all the stress of daily life. Aside from the opportunity to spot the wild animals in the natural habitat; this is also a rather good spot for a wedding ceremony, or any other ceremony.

It is very close to Johannesburg.

8. Ezemvelo Nature Reserve

Prices From: $10

Ezemvelo Nature Reserve is a well advertised place; this is a spot in the South African wilderness where couples and families can come to spend some time in peace and comfort; away from all the stress of work and school. The owners advertise over 200 bird species, and several kinds of wild animals. You can enjoy self serviced accommodations and enjoy all the privacy you want in the wilderness. This is one of the most affordable game lodges in Gauteng.

It is located in Gauteng.

9. Zebra Country Lodge

Prices From: $57

Zebra Mountain Lodge is located in Gauteng, Pretoria. This lodge has 26 luxurious and well-appointed rooms, and beautiful views of the hills on the horizon. The Zebra Country Lodge is a place where people can enjoy pleasure and serenity. Zebra Country Lodge is hidden away in a lush bush-land setting, and its only 30 km from Pretoria.

Zebra Mountain Lodge gives you lodging, bed and breakfast, game lodges.

10. Thekwane Lodge

Prices From: $66

Thekwane Lodge is a private game lodge in Gauteng. This is a beautiful Lodge that is basically two family suites that can accommodate four people each. As a self-service lodge, you get to share a field kitchen, and you get to clean the rooms yourself; meaning that nobody invades your privacy. Thekwane Lodge is 1.3km from the centre of Dinokeng Game Reserve.

You can get to see all the Big 5 animals that are the pride of South Africa. The nearest airport is Waterkloof AFB Airport, and it is 54.8km away.



The affordable game lodges in Gauteng, South Africa are some of the cool game lodges that people can go to enjoy themselves in the serenity of nature. However, the cheaper options may sometimes mean smaller living spaces, and a farther distance from the wild animals which are the major attraction for which the people go to these Game Reserves.

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