Top 10 Affordable Boarding Schools In Limpopo (2024)

Education is absolutely necessary in Limpopo; it is the most potent means of empowering the people and ensuring a brighter future. The most affordable boarding schools in Limpopo, therefore, play an especially important role: providing quality education at reduced costs; in secluded environments where students can avoid distractions while maximizing their potential.

Some of these schools can lower their tuition fees because they have received generous endowments from wealthy and successful individuals, while others receive good funding from the state. Their impact is already being felt; the literacy rate is rising, and more students are being motivated to aspire to become contributing members of society.

Top 10 Affordable Boarding Schools In Limpopo

1. Harry Oppenheimer Agricultural Secondary School

Harry Oppenheimer is an Agricultural Secondary School was established in 1982, and was built by Harry Oppenheimer a foremost citizen of South Africa as a donation to the government and people. This school is aimed at providing comprehensive education in agriculture; this is the boarding school of choice if you want to gain knowledge in the field of agriculture. Despite the depth of knowledge on offer at the school, the fees are quite cheap.

Harry Oppenheimer Agricultural Secondary School provides boarding facilities for male boarders and female students; it houses about 700 students. This is a school with low fees, but it does not compromise on quality.

2. North Crest Academy

North Crest Academy is a private boarding school in Limpopo with surprisingly low fees. The school was established in 2004, with the vision of proving quality education for students from all backgrounds including race and economic positions. This is one of the most affordable boarding schools in Limpopo; with fees as low as R1250.

North Crest Academy teaches a balanced secondary school curriculum; and the students regularly do well in the matric exams. The school is also quite secluded so outside influences remain far from the students, and they can concentrate on their school work. The school also does a lot of extra-curricular activities aimed at giving the students a well rounded personality; making them enterprising.

3. Ridgeway College

Ridgeway College is an independent school founded in 1999. The school is an English language school that caters to Grade 8 to Grade 12 learners. There is also a junior school on a separate campus. The school is located the Vhembe Biosphere Reserve in Louis Trichardt, Limpopo; and one thing that it will definitely achieve is that students will come out with greater love and appreciation for our environment. The school encourages critical thinking; students are encouraged to develop new ways of dealing with challenges.

The school offers comprehensive education, and teaches the students to be bold and to compete for the honours worthy of their talents. This competitive spirit is displayed in sports and in other activities at the school.

4. Waterberg Academy

The Waterberg Academy was established in 2003. It is an independent school, located in the heart of the UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere Reserve in the small town of Vaalwater (Mabatlane), Limpopo. The language of instruction is English, and the boarding school has very good facilities.

This is one of the cheapest boarding schools in the Limpopo area; but that does not negate the quality of education. The school caters to grades 4 to 12, and prepare the learners to grow in challenging environments and situations. The school is does not only teach academics; it also teaches vocational education, and gives the students the opportunity to explore their sporting talents.

5. PAX High School

Pax High School is a public school in Limpopo; teaching with the Roman Catholic style. This boarding school is located in Mashashane (Vaalkop) Limpopo province of South Africa. The school is known as one of the less expensive boarding schools in Limpopo. PAX High School has a history of performing well in the matric exams; and this is a thing of pride for management and students alike.

PAX High School is also very keen on moral instruction; and on the development of the child’s ability to think and solve problems. Making money is not the core tenet of this school; which is why it is quite affordable.

6. Curro Heuwelkruin

Curro Heuwelkruin is an independent school located in Myngenoegen, Polokwane, Limpopo. This is part of the Curro Brand that has schools all over the country. The schools are aimed at bringing down the prices of quality education, making it accessible to everyone. Curro Heuwelkruin caters to Grade R to Grade 12. The school offers comprehensive and well balanced education, and the students are usually quite confident.

Furthermore, the school teaches vocational skills to make students entrepreneurs, ready to make profit by solving problems. The school fees are some of the lowest for boarding schools in Limpopo; some pay as low as R3 480 per month.

7. Mohlakamotala High School

Mohlakamotala High School is located in Modimolle, Vaalwat of Limpopo province. The school caters to learners from Gr.8 up to Gr.12  and has excellent teachers who have passion for the job. This school offers comprehensive learning in academics, and plenty of motivation for success after secondary school. Mohlakamotala High School also offer vocational studies as well as extra curricular activities like sports and arts to help students explore their interests.

8. Northern Academy

Northern Academy is located at Flora Park, Polokwane, Limpopo. The school is a comprehensive school; teaching all subjects. Students come out of this school brimming with confidence to take on the world. The school instructs students in the English language, and it caters to Grade R to Grade 12. As per the costs; the school charges fees as low as R24 000 per year.

9. Hoërskool Pietersburg High School

Hoërskool Pietersburg in Limpopo is considered one of the best schools for instilling discipline into students. This boarding school provides comprehensive education, and still offers extra curricula activities as well as vocational training to make the students productive and independent members of society. the school is known for dance, music, art and sports.

The school houses boys and girls separately, and imbibes very good moral instruction.

10. Makgoka Secondary School

Makgoka Secondary School is a public secondary school located in Boyne in Limpopo province, South Africa. The school is reputable for the quality of education it provides, and this is evident in the consistently good performances at the matric exams. The school aims at the complete development of the child; it does not only teach academics but also gives a lot of instruction in the fields of vocations to help the child create jobs. This is one of the boarding schools with the lowest fees in Limpopo



The most affordable boarding schools in Limpopo do not just provide the opportunity to go to boarding school for cheap; they provide the students with an opportunity to develop their talents without any distractions. These schools afford students the opportunity to study in environments cordoned off from outside influences; with discipline, focus, and the will to win.

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