Top 10 Affordable Boarding Schools In KZN (2024)

Any parent who passed through boarding schools at any time in his life will likely find lapses in his children’s education if they are day students. Parents living in the Kwazulu Area will be quick to search out affordable boarding schools in Kwazulu Natal, because they believe that the boarding school system has become quite expensive.

Interestingly, boarding schools are becoming popular again in South Africa; enrollment numbers are going up again as parents want an environment free of distractions, where their children can study and maximize their talents and abilities.

Discipline, and strength are other important advantages that boarding schools have to offer; many parents turn to boarding schools because they believe that day schools make students soft and unable to fight for what they want and believe. Kwazulu Natal comprises of quite a large area; and as expected there are very many options to choose from when looking for boarding schools in the area.

Top 10 Affordable Boarding Schools In KZN Kwazulu Natal

1. Amanzimtoti High School

For those in the Kingsburgh and Amanzimtoti area, Amanzimtoti High School is a nearby option. This school describes itself as a ‘community-driven school in the truest sense of the word.’ Their staff and governing body are poised to ensure the upliftment and development of young people through education. Despite the high sounding sales pitch, the school is one of the less expensive boarding schools in the Kwazulu Natal area; when compared with the standard of facilities on ground, you realize that the school could charge much higher for its services.

Amanzimtoti High School is located at 30 Dartnell Road, Amanzimtoti, KwaZulu-Natal. The school is very keen on sports development, as well as on arts and culture.

2. Centenary Secondary School

Centenary Secondary School is an impressive physical structure. Positive reviews abound about this school which is located in Sydenham Umlazi KZN. The school is described as one of the best schools for special needs students; as well as one of the most affordable boarding schools in the Kwazulu Natal area.

Centenary Secondary School is a community of driven young people who share very high aspirations of what they can achieve in life. The school also teaches the young people about the arts, music and vocational training. Students of Centenary Secondary School are also taught the importance of agriculture and caring for the environment.

3. Curro Creston College

Creston College is an independent high school in Oslo Beach, Port Shepstone, KwaZulu-Natal. The school is set in a remote area; to reduce distractions to the minimum. Curro Creston College caters to learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12, and has noticeably small class sizes, as well as dedicated teachers to push your children to excel, and to bring out their hidden talents. Curro Creston College offers decent fees for the standard of facilities it has; and the school provides well rounded and balanced education; including vocational training, sports and so on.

4. Durban Academy High School

Durban Academy High School was established on 1 January 1956. This is an Afrikaans and English language high school located in Fynnlands, Bluff, Durban, in KZN. The school is a mixed school; and has a reputation as one of the high quality places of learning with a very affordable fee structure. The school is well cordoned off from outside influences and permits minimal distractions.

A major advantage of this school is that it is rich in culture; students can learn in either English or Afrikaans, and students get to be well immersed in their various cultures. Furthermore, this school affords your students the opportunity to become well socialized; they get to interact with students from other cultures so as to learn tolerance, love and compassion.

5. Durban Girls High School

Durban Girls High School was established as far back as 1882; it is among the old guard of dependable names of schools that have been in existence for a very long time, and that continue to shine as examples of what a school should be. This school boasts a teaching staff of about 90; and is home to about 1200 students. This school has produced several notable alumni; and the school’s management continue to raise these up to the students as motivation to succeed. This is a place where girls are safe from boys, and safe from outside influences.

Durban Girls High School is located in Glenwood, Durban, Kwazulu Natal. It is one of the oldest and least expensive schools in KZN.

6. Kloof High School

Kloof High School is an English-medium school located in Kloof, Kwazulu Natal. The school is a public school, run by the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education. Kloof High School has 50 teachers, and 1000 students. The school is located in a serene environment with trees to give it a calm, rural feeling. The school typically serves students from Kloof, Everton, Gillitts, Waterfall, Forest Hills, New Germany, Wyebank and Pinetown.

The school reaches beyond academic; extracurricular activities also abound such as swimming, football, rugby, cricket, drama, and so much more. The school has the equipment to handle most of these activities.

7. New Forest High School

New Forest High School is located in Durban, Kwazulu Natal. The school is a coeducational high school that serves the areas around Yellowood Park. The school describes itself as a non racial, non sexist centre of excellence, where students of all colours and classes can come together in pursuit of academic excellence. The school is a prestigious one; it has established quite a reputation for itself.

8. Pinetown Boys High School

Pinetown Boys High School is a high school for boys located in Pinetown, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. The school was established in 1978, and has grown to be a formidable place of learning. Pinetown Boys High School regularly performs very well in the Natal Matriculation Exams; it has come in at first place, and regularly has students among the first 30.

The school also excels in sports; and has produced some notable alumni in various sports in the country. The school is located in Pinetown, Kwazulu Natal.

9. Pinetown Girls High School

Pinetown Girls High School was founded in 1955; it is the sister school of the Pine town Boys High School which split out of it in 1978. Before then this was Pinetown High School; a coeducation place of learning. The school is known as a great place where girls are raised to be morally upstanding citizens of the country; and who are driven to contribute something towards society.

The school is located at 136 Josiah Gumede Rd, Pinetown, New Germany, 3610.

10. Umkomaas Secondary School

Umkomaas Secondary School is a Special Needs Education School that offers a safe, secure learning environment for special needs children. Umkomaas Secondary School is located in Kwa-Zulu Natal, and it is one of the most affordable special needs schools in the area.



The most affordable boarding schools in KZN are mostly public schools of the older generation. This is quite a lucky thing because many parents would be honoured to send their children to the schools they attended, or even to rival boarding schools that are equally prestigious.

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