Accredited Online Courses South Africa (2023)

As a country, South Africa has been renowned for its quality education. It’s not surprising that many people want to take their education online and take advantage of the great opportunities available in this sector. With the internet, it’s easier than ever to find accredited online courses that can help you achieve your goals.

In this article, you will learn about various accredited courses that you can study in South Africa.

Accredited Online Courses South Africa

  • [Courses in Marketing and Sales]
  • [Courses in Business Management]
  • [Courses on Human Resource Management]

Online Courses at GetSmarter (UCT)

  • GetSmarter offers a variety of online courses, including Certificate and Diploma Programs.
  • All UCT-accredited online courses are available in English and Afrikaans.
  • GetSmarter has free and paid options for each course, depending on the length of your study period (short or long). Please note that prices may vary from time to time due to currency fluctuations or specific promotions that are running at any given moment. You can find out more by visiting the relevant page on our website:

Online Courses at The Independent Institute of Education (IIE)

The Independent Institute of Education (IIE) is an accredited online university offering a wide range of online courses, including:

  • Postgraduate diplomas in Business Administration and Management, Communications and Journalism, Education, Information Technology, and Computer Science.
  • Certificates in Accounting (Finance), Management Control Systems, Human Resource Management, and Marketing Management.

All the above courses are accredited by UCT and can be taken from anywhere in the world at your own pace. They are available in English as well as Afrikaans or isiXhosa depending on which language you prefer to study.

Online Courses at Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA)

  • MANCOSA (Management College of Southern Africa) is a leading distance-learning institution in South Africa.
  • MANCOSA offers a wide range of accredited online courses, including:
  • Business Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting & Financial Management

Online Courses at Regent Business School

At Regent Business School, we offer a range of accredited online courses in various fields. Our courses are suitable for people who want to continue their education or upgrade their skills or portfolio. We have an application process that takes into account the specific needs and requirements of each applicant.

Our fees are competitive and affordable, so no matter what stage in your life you’re at we can help. We’ve partnered with some of South Africa’s top financial institutions so that students can access funding through them. Contact us today if you have any questions about applying to one of our accredited online courses!

Online Course FAQs

What is an online course?

Online courses are essentially the same as regular courses, with one key difference: they are delivered online. Students can submit their work electronically and receive feedback in return. These programs have become increasingly popular in recent years with the proliferation of the internet and mobile devices. In addition to reducing costs, they offer flexible scheduling options that allow students to take classes from home or anywhere else with an internet connection.

What are the benefits of an online course?

The main advantage of taking an online course is convenience—students can access their materials at any time without having to travel anywhere, which means no more missed deadlines or delays due to weather conditions! This also reduces stress on busy schedules by allowing them complete control over their schedules instead of having to rely on someone else’s availability (e.g., professors). Another benefit is flexibility—students can complete assignments whenever they want rather than being restricted by hours at school or work each day.”

This list of accredited online courses in South Africa is provided by the South African Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). It includes all post-secondary institutions that offer accredited degrees, diplomas, certificates, or other qualification programs.

The DHET maintains a comprehensive database of accredited higher education institutions in South Africa. In order for a course to receive accreditation from DHET it must be taught by qualified faculty members at an approved institution. An up-to-date list of such accredited online courses can be found on their website here:



This is just a brief overview of the online courses available in South Africa. We hope that you found this useful and are now able to make an informed decision about what course will be best suited for you and your needs.

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